Best Practices for Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

February 9, 2024

If you are new to laser hair removal, Dermaclear Laser, experts in laser hair removal in Maple Ridge BC, have come up with this quick how-to guide for prepping for your treatment. Modern laser treatments for hair removal are fast and virtually painless, leaving you with a permanent method of hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by reacting with the melanin or pigment within the hair itself. The laser is directed at the hair follicles at the subcutaneous tissue level, inducing controlled damage to impede hair growth. The process yields optimal results, ultimately achieving permanent hair removal.

Guidelines Before Your Treatment

For best results, the part of the body that will be treated for hair removal should be closely shaved twenty-four hours before the appointment. This gives your skin a chance to settle in case there is any irritation, without having new hair growth. Anyone who has not had treatment before should leave a small patch of hair for the technician to assess the hair type.

Gently exfoliate the targeted area before shaving, then use a moisturizing shaving gel for a smooth shave, minimizing bumps and irritation. The shaving gel not only lubricates the skin against the razor but also serves as a protective barrier. Avoid using drying soap products. Consider using a hair conditioner as a suitable alternative if you do not have shaving gel on hand. For people with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use cool or lukewarm water during shaving to prevent your skin from softening, which may lead to cuts and irritation.

Choosing to remove hair by shaving before your laser hair treatment is recommended because of its practicality and science.  First, shaving is the gentlest approach to hair removal, minimizing potential skin irritation, and ensuring a more comfortable experience during the treatment. Beyond that, a close shave maximizes the laser’s effectiveness by providing unobstructed access to the melanin housed within the hair follicles. Some melanin-containing hair must be in the follicle for precise targeting with the laser, so practices such as waxing or any hair removal method that pulls at the hair to remove it are discouraged before treatment. Similarly, the use of hair removal creams introduces the risk of irritation, potentially hindering the progression of the laser hair removal process.

Post-Treatment Care Guidelines

As for aftercare, redness and bumps are common and can be treated with ice or aloe vera gel. Avoid using makeup, moisturizer, or deodorant for the first twenty-four hours in the treated areas.  Showers, saunas, or vigorous exercise should be avoided for forty-eight hours. Keep skin clean and keep out of the sun or wear sunscreen. Do not wax, thread, or tweeze treated areas during the treatment session process.

Smooth Steps to Laser Hair Removal in Maple Ridge BC

Following these pre- and post-treatment care recommendations is key to ensuring a successful and comfortable laser hair removal experience. By preparing the treatment area thoughtfully and adopting these aftercare practices, you contribute to the effectiveness and longevity of your results. Laser hair removal in Maple Ridge, BC is available at Dermaclear Laser, is safe for all skin types, and age groups, works well on fine or coarse hairs, and can be used anywhere on the body. If you are unsure about a treatment due to the price, keep in mind that costs are lower than a lifetime of alternative hair removal procedures and products.

For any further questions or to schedule your laser hair removal appointment in Maple Ridge BC, feel free to reach out to us.



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